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You’re going to have a great session! Here are a few pro tips:

  • Relax. No One Is Watching You Or Judging You. We Are Here To Make You Look And Sound Amazing!
  • Remember That You’re An Expert In Your Field. You’re Here To Share Your Knowledge In A Way That Helps You Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business.
  • Pretend That You’re Talking To A Friend From High School That You Haven’t Seen For Awhile, And You’re Helping Them Understand Something.
  • Breathe. It Sounds Cliche, But Take A Deep Breath Or Two. It’s Amazing How Much A Little Extra Air Can Calm Your Nerves.

Here are our recommendations as to what you should wear and what you shouldn’t wear.

What you SHOULD wear!

  • Solid Colors Work Well. You Can Never Go Wrong With Blue!
  • Be Wrinkle Free.
  • Unless You’re A Fashion Designer, Dress In A Simple, Boring Manner.
  • Contrasting Colors Work Great!
  • Bring A Backup Outfit Just In Case. We Have A Private Place For You To Change.

What NOT to Wear:

  • Colors
    • Pure Reds, Whites And Blacks: Such Extremes Of Pure White And Black Make It Difficult For The Camera To Balance Exposure.
    • Intense Reds Will Bleed And Make The Surrounding Objects (Ie: Your Face!) Appear Red.
    • Hot Colors, Like Hot Pink, Hot Green, Hot Yellow Etc. They Will Make You Look Like An Alien!
    • Colors That Compete With Your Complexion (Ie: If You Have A Red Skin Tone, Don’t Wear A Red Tie. If You Are Very Pale, Don’t Wear White)
    • As You Will Be On A Green Screen, Please Do Not Wear Green. We Love Green Too, But If You’re Wearing Any Green Anywhere In Your Clothes Of Accessories, Those Areas Will Make You Look Invisible!
  • Miscellaneous
    • Glasses: Unless You’re Known For Wearing Them, Skip Them. If You Chose To Use Them, Non-reflective Coated Glasses Are Preferred.
    • Any Tight Or Complex Patterns Or Stripes. The Camera Will Make It Look Like There Are Lines Moving All Around Your Outfit!
    • Really Loose Clothing. The Camera Won’t Pick Up On Depth And Can Make You Look Larger Than Life. Literally.
    • Really Tight Clothing. You Know Why!